Stage 1 Info Session



…Now, who is willing to consecrate themselves to the Lord today?
– 1 Chronicles 29:5b NIV

Stage1 is a full-time ministry training program that provides an empowering platform to raise up church leaders of tomorrow. Participants will learn the foundations of a healthy and growing ministry.

As a Stage1 student, you will:

  • Be Exposed to the unique ministry culture at Bread of Life International.
  • Learn the various practical aspects of ministry through hands on training.
  • Cultivate a healthy attitude and habits so that ministry becomes enjoyable.

3 Tracks

Each participant will choose from one of these three tracks.

Church Leadership

To raise up church leaders who can lead a diverse group of people and communicate effectively on platforms.
Led by Pastor Peter

Creative & Communication

To refine one’s creativity through excellence to effectively reach the masses in and outside of church.
Led by Jireh


To create a culture of worship that is in line with the Bible and the unique leading of the Holy Spirit for your context of ministry.
Led by Pastor Sam (in English only)

Information Session

December 17, 2017 (Sunday)
12:15PM at OMNI VIP Room

What makes Stage1 unique?

1. 1-on-1 Mentorship

You will join the schedule of the full-time staff at Bread of Life International to experience 1-on-1 mentorship with key leaders and pastors (including spending time both in ministry and outside of ministry) with the goal of moving from “I do, you watch” to “You do, I watch” by the end of the program.

2. Going Deeper

You will go through at least 4 General courses and your 2 Track Specific courses. Each course takes two days.

General Courses
  • Character and Nature of God
  • Cost of Discipleship
  • Relationships
  • Hearing God’s Voice
(Total 36 hours*)
Track Specific Courses
Church Leadership Track
  • Dynamics of Team Leading
  • Effective Communication
Creative and Communication Track
  • Critical Thinking for Church Building
  • The Excellence Track
Worship Track
  • Worship Team Vision and Culture
  • Developing Your Worship Team
(Total 18 hours*)

*To be confirmed

3. International Exposure

You will learn to do ministry with people from all over the world.


  • Have been baptized
  • Be a regular member of a local church
  • Have experience serving in church
  • Have an interest in full-time ministry
  • Financially able to cover the application fee
    and personal expenses for the duration of the program

Application Fee

Spring 2018: NTD 6,000
Payment by: March 1, 2018

Application Process

Participants are expected to have the same schedule as the full-time staff.
There will be an evaluation at the end of the semester.
Participants may apply for a stipend.
The maximum amount is NTD 1,000/week.
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