[:en]The Venue Team started out transforming our OMNI campus every Sunday into the House of God. As OMNI is a nightclub, we have to set up the chairs and clean up the venue from the night before. We prepare the house by setting up banners, facilities, move couches, etc. This is a ministry where your heart is strengthened and tested every week as you serve the Lord in secret.[:][:cn]場佈團隊每週日將OMNI 夜店,轉變為神的殿。包含排設椅子、設置布條、設備、沙發,以及聚會前的場地清潔。這是一個幕後的服事,每週都挑戰、同時也堅固每一位成員服事的心。[:]
[:en]We consider ourselves like Levites, the ones who take care of the house of God. You will also get the chance to go deeper into your identity as a son or daughter because we serve from a heart of rest. If you are an individual that is trying to find what it means to work with all your might but also have a heart of rest, come join us![:][:cn]我們看自己為利未人,是照看神的殿的族群。場佈事工使我們能更深體會自己身為神兒女的身份,因為我們是在安息中服事。如果,你/妳正在學習如何在安息中竭力作工,歡迎加入我們的團隊![:]
[:en]Essential Traits[:][:cn]必要特質[:]
[:en]We are looking for someone who has (or would like to grow in) the desire to grow in their relationship with God as a son or daughter, is faithful, and is a team player.[:][:cn]若是你/妳渴望能夠在關係上更加親近父神,不僅懂得團隊合作,且既忠心又良善,或是希望可以在這幾個方面有所成長,那麼你/妳就是我們所在尋找的人。[:]
[:en]Time Commitments[:][:cn]時間要求[:]
[:en]Serving on the Venue Team will require you to serve 3 times a month on one of 2 shifts during the Sunday AM or PM service.

Our ministry leader will clarify the call time when you join the team.


[:en]Other Requirements[:][:cn]其他要求[:]
  • [:en]Able to lift a maximum of 5KG[:][:cn]能夠抬起5公斤以上的重物[:]
  • [:en]Able to move around freely[:][:cn]能夠輕鬆搬動東西者尤佳[:]

[:en]Sign Up to Serve![:][:cn]申請參與服事[:]

[:en]A member of the Empower Team will get in touch with you to arrange an in-person, one-on-one interview to get to know you better and help you join a ministry team. Fill up the application form and make an appointment TODAY![:][:cn]成全團隊同工將會與你連繫,安排一對一面談,一方面希望更認識你,也進而協助你加入合適的服事團隊。歡迎點擊連結,填寫申請表並安排面談。[:]