[:en]The Translation Team serves as a bridge connecting people who speak different languages by translating written materials and interpreting spoken content throughout the week. Written materials include the pastors’ letters, presentations, announcement bulletins, and other documents. Spoken content includes Sunday sermons, prayer meetings, and equipping classes.[:][:cn]翻譯團隊是每週透過筆譯、口譯,將兩個不同語言串聯在一起的重要媒介。筆譯的內容包含牧者信件、簡報、週報,以及其他書面資料。口譯則包含主日講道、禱告會及裝備課程。[:]
[:en]Essential Traits[:][:cn]必要特質[:]
[:en]We are looking for someone who has fluent proficiency in source or target languages (English/Chinese), and you have a passion to help people understand foreign languages. You will also need to be faithful, punctual, and responsible.[:][:cn]若是你/妳精通英文與中文,並樂意幫助人們理解外國語言,那麼你/妳就是我們所在尋找的人。此外你需要具有信實、守時、負責任的特質。[:]
[:en]Time Commitments[:][:cn]時間要求[:]
[:en]The Translation Team would normally have 3 – 5 days to work on 1 – 2 tasks per month on rotation. Urgent tasks will have shorter lead time.[:][:cn]以輪替方式進行,完成每個月1~2 件翻譯工作。被分派的翻譯工作,通常有3-5 天的時間完成;若遇到較緊急的翻譯工作,翻譯時間則需縮短。[:]
[:en]Other Requirements[:][:cn]其他要求[:]
  • [:en]Pass evaluation assessment[:][:cn]通過語言能力評估[:]
  • [:en]Able to read and respond to emails promptly[:][:cn]能於時限內收發電子郵件[:]

[:en]Sign Up to Serve![:][:cn]申請參與服事[:]

[:en]A member of the Empower Team will get in touch with you to arrange an in-person, one-on-one interview to get to know you better and help you join a ministry team. Fill up the application form and make an appointment TODAY![:][:cn]成全團隊同工將會與你連繫,安排一對一面談,一方面希望更認識你,也進而協助你加入合適的服事團隊。歡迎點擊連結,填寫申請表並安排面談。[:]