The house of God is a place where people come to worship God, meet family and friends, and receive the Word. The Production Team is a dedicated group of volunteers working in the background to support the atmosphere of Sunday services and Church Events through lights, screens, cameras, sound, and coordination. We learn and operate advanced software and equipment to deliver high-quality productions. God is worthy, and we are committed to bringing our best to honor Him.

The Production Team is comprised of 5 specialized teams: Lights Team sets up and manages all lighting on stage and around the church. Screen Support Team prepares slides needed for the service and operates the screens at church. Camera Team sets up and manages cameras for live feeds and recordings. Sound Team provides the best sound and tech support for our Sunday services. Stage Managers coordinate the rundown on stage and manage communication with other teams. Here is where you will see how we are better together.

Essential Traits
We are looking for those who are willing to grow in any of the 5 sub-teams; that are innovative, detailed oriented, and committed to serving. Also, who has a desire to learn and is prepared for services each week as scheduled.
Time Commitments
As each sub-team under Production functions uniquely and individually, their call times and schedules are different. Please consult the ministry leader for more details.
Other Requirements
  • Passion for excellence
  • Flexible schedule
  • Detailed
  • Teachable
  • Punctual and responsible

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