[:en]The Prayer Team builds the body of Christ by offering one-on-one prayer at the end of each Sunday service. By receiving prophetic prayer, individuals are encouraged, edified, and comforted, and supernatural healing (physical, emotional and spiritual) are often released. If you expect God to do great things every Sunday and want to see signs, wonders, and miracles flowing through you, this is the ministry for you.[:][:cn]禱告團隊於每週主日崇拜後,會透過一對一的禱告來服事建造基督的身體。透過代禱者先知性的禱告,使弟兄姐妹得著安慰、造就和激勵,並經歷神超自然的醫治 (身、心和靈) 大能。若您渴望每週日看見神在我們當中行奇妙大事,並願意成為神施行神蹟的器皿,歡迎加入禱告團隊。[:]
[:en]The Prayer Team was formed because we owe the world an encounter with the living Christ. 1 John 3:8 (NASB) says,
“The Son of God appeared for this purpose, to destroy the works of the devil.”
Thus, we must also do the same.
[:en]Essential Traits[:][:cn]必要特質[:]
[:en]We are looking for someone who has (or would like to grow in) a child-like faith, a hunger for the presence of God and His Kingdom, and loves people.[:][:cn]若是你/妳有如孩子般單純的信心、渴望神的同在和祂的國,並愛祂的百姓,或是希望可以在這幾個方面有所成長,那麼你/妳就是我們所在尋找的人。[:]
[:en]Time Commitments[:][:cn]時間要求[:]
[:en]The Prayer Team would start you off with a 3 hour training to equip you for the ministry ahead. You will then be assigned to serve 3 times a month at the end of each service.

We will also hold team meetings every other month.


[:en]Other Requirements[:][:cn]其他要求[:]
  • [:en]Baptized[:][:cn]受洗基督徒[:]
  • [:en]Biblically grounded or Served in other similar ministries

[:en]Sign Up to Serve![:][:cn]申請參與服事[:]

[:en]A member of the Empower Team will get in touch with you to arrange an in-person, one-on-one interview to get to know you better and help you join a ministry team. Fill up the application form and make an appointment TODAY![:][:cn]成全團隊同工將會與你連繫,安排一對一面談,一方面希望更認識你,也進而協助你加入合適的服事團隊。歡迎點擊連結,填寫申請表並安排面談。[:]