The Creative Team is birthed out of a common passion for using media to inform people about God’s goodness and inviting them into His presence. We focus on many forms of visual media including video, photography, graphic design, web design, and more. We believe God is the ultimate creator and that we, His creations, formed in His image, desire to create too.

We are currently looking for (but not limited to) the following roles:

Able to create content for both online and offline media (e.g. social media, print media, special projects).

Must own and be proficient with Adobe Photoshop and/or Illustrator.

Some experience in visual communication preferable.
Able to capture images during services, events, and special projects for the purpose of social media and print.

Must own and be proficient with camera & equipment.

Post editing skills preferable.
Able to plan and schedule weekly postings onto Bread of Life International's Facebook & Instagram accounts on upcoming sermons & events.

Must naturally enjoy spontaneous photo taking, Instagram stories, and able to write interesting/fun content.
Able to take videos for the purposes of events, and special projects or promotionals.

Must own and be proficient with camera & equipment.

Video editing skills preferable.
Essential Traits
We are looking for someone who has (or would like to grow in) the passion for communication and excellence. The desire to push past the status quo to improve their craft and spread the Good News through creativity.

Time Commitments
Creative work requires commitment beyond the regular 9-5 work hours and is not limited to the weekends. The involvement required for each role varies from project to project.

Other Requirements
  • Portfolio with min 15 works
  • Good time management
  • Committed

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