Connect Team volunteers are passionate about inviting people deeper into community at Bread of Life International.

While the Sunday service unites us in corporate worship, we continue to live life together after the service ends. When someone’s not sure how to join in, our team can help! We connect people into small groups and provide the information they need to get involved in the life of the church.

Essential Traits
We are looking for warm, confident people who are unafraid to approach and engage with newcomers; organized, detail-oriented, and conscientious about follow-up tasks.
Time Commitments
Connect Team volunteers serve 2-3 times per month, during a shift after Sunday service and during the week contacting newcomers and small group leaders. (4-8 hours per month)
Other Requirements
  • Able to use Google Sheets
  • Able to make phone calls, send emails, and message people via LINE or WhatsApp

Sign Up to Serve!

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