[:en]The Care Team walks alongside people who are going through a difficult time in life to help them reconnect to God as their source of love, strength, hope, and provision.

We provide those who are in need with care and companionship, and pray with them believing that God will intervene.[:][:cn]關懷團隊是為了陪伴那些正在面臨生命中困境的人,幫助他們與充滿愛、力量、盼望和供應的神再次連結。


[:en]We see God’s heart for those who are suffering and become His arms to embrace. If you are always wondering why there is so much suffering in the world, now you can be part of the solution![:][:cn]我們看見神對苦難中的人的心意,所以成為神的雙手來擁抱他們。如果你常常問為什麼世上有這麼多的苦難,現在你可以成為這個問題的答案。[:]

[:en]Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn. ‑ Romans [:][:cn]與喜樂的人要同樂,與哀哭的人要同哭‑ 羅馬書[:]12:15

[:en]Essential Traits[:][:cn]必要特質[:]
[:en]We are looking for someone who has (or would like to grow in) compassion, patience, and empathy. You will need to be grounded in Biblical Truth and able to keep information confidential.[:][:cn]若是你/妳具備憐憫、耐心和同理心,或是希望可以在這幾個方面有所成長,那麼你/妳就是我們所在尋找的人;此外,必須穩固紮根於聖經真理並嚴守保密原則。[:]
[:en]Time Commitments[:][:cn]時間要求[:]
[:en]The Care Team stays in contact with the people they are caring for throughout the week, depending on the situation.

We also hold Saturday morning team meetings twice a month.[:][:cn]依照需要被關懷者的狀況,週間與對方保持聯繫。


[:en]Other Requirements[:][:cn]其他要求[:]
  • [:en]Able to attend periodic trainings[:][:cn]能夠定期參加接受訓練[:]
  • [:en]Have reasonably flexible schedule[:][:cn]時間安排具有相當的彈性[:]

[:en]Sign Up to Serve![:][:cn]申請參與服事[:]

[:en]A member of the Empower Team will get in touch with you to arrange an in-person, one-on-one interview to get to know you better and help you join a ministry team. Fill up the application form and make an appointment TODAY![:][:cn]成全團隊同工將會與你連繫,安排一對一面談,一方面希望更認識你,也進而協助你加入合適的服事團隊。歡迎點擊連結,填寫申請表並安排面談。[:]