[:en]Small Group Leader Orientation[:cn]小組長說明會[:]


若你對帶領小組有負擔、或想要了解小組長在做什麼,歡迎來參加我們的小組長說明會!我們將更多讓你知道我們小組的異象、流程和負責內容,也將開放Q&A! 對帶領小組有負擔、或想要了解小組長在做什麼 5/5(六)1-2PM FX Campus 2F You belong here, no matter who you are. BELONG will help you learn more about our church and how you can be a part of this family. Do you have … Read More



Baptism marks the decision a person has made to follow Jesus Christ. It symbolizes that the old life is gone and a new life has begun. We celebrate every decision made. And in order to … Read More